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3D Data inc:

  • Pelvis rotation, side bend and bend.

  • Pelvis sway, thrust and up/down.

  • Thorax rotation, side bend and bend.

  • Thorax sway, thrust and up/down.

  • Head rotation, side bend and bend.

  • Head sway, thrust and up/down.

  • Lead/trail shoulder flexion/extension

  • Lead trail shoulder adduction/abduction.

  • Hand sway, thrust, up/down.

  • Peak pelvis, thorax, lead arm, lead hand angular velocity.

  • Peak Lead hand linear velocity.

  • Thorax - lead arm stretch (adduction).

  • Peak rate of pelvis elevation (representative of peak vertical force).


Functions include:

  • Data compared with movement thresholds depending on anatomical frame shape. 

  • One click capture and auto calibration

  • Voice function command option.

  • Video saving and playback.

  • Movement variability showing areas of greatest adaptation between swings.

  • Automatic frame shape detection on calibration

  • Data shareable via email, text, social media etc.

  • Compare your data against normative, elite PGA Tour professional swings.

  • NEW - Over 60 swing drills embedded into the App. 'tap' any value and a unique swing drill displays for the relevant value.

  • Swing note taking and saving

All for just £9.99 per month or £99.99 annual purchase.



Used by the best in the world

Live 3D swing plots/graphs

Compare against
movement thresholds

Unique swing drill for
each value/movement

Screen Shot 2023-09-07 at 12.25.21.png

Swing video saving
and playback

Auto calibration and capture.

Client entry, calibration and capture. 

Setting up and using the voice commands. 

Understanding the plots.

The thresholds and variability values.

Understanding the helical angles thresholds.

Explaining the plots & values - live examples.

Creating a user account.

Normative example plots.

Swing drills.

Sending client data.

App tutorials.

Video saving and playback.

What do the plots and values mean?

Using and creating meaning from the values.

What does the variability page reveal?

Live webinar - 19th October 2023.

Scan the QR code and join the SwingSense3D WhatsApp group for latest updates, new developments, feedback as well as user experiences and discussions.


What devices can I use for this app?

Device compatibility:


IPhone 12 onwards.

Ipad pro 3rd generation onwards.

Ensure latest version of iOS is installed - 16.2 onwards

How to I set up the camera?

How do i maximise the App's performance?

Understanding the values

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